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Children's Eye Exam

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Children's Eye Exams

The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends children receive their first eye exam as early as 6 months, then at age 3 and every year thereafter or as recommended by your optometrist. Maintaining healthy eyes in developing children is critically important.

Specific populations, such as those born prematurely and those with developmental and intellectual disabilities may be more prone to needing eyeglasses and/or eye diseases.

80% of learning is visual and 20% of all learning disabilities are due to learning-related vision problems. Annual eye exams can assure that your child has the vision and visual skills necessary to succeed in the classroom.

It is very important to detect and treat eye conditions early. A timely eye exam can help to prevent vision loss as well as developmental and learning problems.

Children's Glasses

Our office provides a wide selection of children’s eyeglasses. For those 16 years old and younger, we offer a Kid’s Package. When you purchase a set of single vision glasses, you get a complimentary 2nd set of prescription lenses within 15 months.


Some tests include:

Myopia Control

Myopia (also known as nearsightedness) is becoming increasingly common in children. Unfortunately, childhood cases of myopia often become more severe as children age. Without treatment, even a relatively mild case of myopia in childhood could evolve into a severe case by the time your child reaches adulthood. Severe myopia can result in the need for thick glasses, but also increase the chances of eye disease.

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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a carefully personalized program of vision procedures aimed at treating eye teaming problems, eye focusing disorders and eye tracking deficits. This is a safe, non-surgical process utilizing specialized equipment for in-office exercises and supplemented with in-home activities. Vision therapy helps to enhance the brain and eyes’ ability to work together in order to provide clear and comfortable vision.

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