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Vaughan, ON
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Children’s Eye Exams

Your Child’s Success Relies on Proper Eye Care

Children rely on vision for 80% of the learning they do, making it an integral part of any child’s development. As such, it is important to detect vision problems early. Poor vision and other eye problems can affect both your child’s safety and their performance in school.

Kids Eyeglasses Package

Your child’s prescription can change quickly as they grow up, thats why at Vaughan Family Vision Care we offers a complimentary 2nd set of prescription lenses within 16 months of the first purchase of a complete set of glasses.

Recommended Schedule for Children’s Eye Exams

The province of Ontario covers the cost of annual eye exams for children that are 19 years old or younger. For more information about what eye health services are covered by the Government of Ontario please visit their website.

Six Months Old

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that children undergo their first eye exam at six months old. By that stage of development, we are usually able to diagnose conditions such as “crossed eyes” and “lazy eyes”, both of which require early treatment for optimal visual success.

We also make sure that there is no significant prescription and confirm that both eyes are healthy.

Children should undergo their second eye exam between the ages of one and two years old and should see their optometrist annually from then onwards. This early period in your child’s development is critical because it is when they begin to develop hand-eye coordination and depth perception.

Children who have not yet learned the alphabet or numbers can still undergo eye exams. In this case we use child-friendly ways to assess vision, including substituting pictures and shapes for numbers and letters.

To help build your child’s visual development at home try:

  • Painting
  • Colouring and Drawing
  • Playing with Blocks
  • Sorting Objects
  • Assembling Objects
  • Doing Puzzles

An annual eye exam should become part of your back-to-school routine starting in kindergarten. While your child may not notice any issues, vision problems can have a serious impact on their learning. By ensuring your child undergoes an annual eye exam before the school year begins, you are setting them up for a year of success.

Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism tend to develop during childhood. All of these conditions require treatment, usually with glasses or contact lenses.

Is My Child Experiencing Vision Problems?

Vision problems can be difficult to detect, especially since children may not even realize that their vision is compromised. Your child may be experiencing vision problems if they exhibit these symptoms:

  • Holding objects, such as books, close to their face
  • Complaining of frequent headaches
  • Sitting very close to the television
  • Rubbing their eyes frequently
  • Blinking frequently
  • Regularly losing their place when reading
  • Covering one eye while reading
  • Tilting their head while reading
  • Having a short attention span
  • Underachieving in school
  • Having poor athletic performance

Early detection of vision problems is key to your child’s overall health, development and happiness. Request an appointment today.

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Located on Weston Road, Vaughan Family Vision Care proudly serves patients from all over Ontario. We would be pleased to meet you and your family.

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