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Vaughan Vision Centre is well-known throughout Ontario for our professional expertise and outstanding level of service. We are proud to deliver industry-leading eye care to patients of all ages. Be it through comprehensive eye examinations, or our more specialized services, Vaughan Vision Centre is dedicated to providing quality eye care for you and your family.

Scleral Lenses

 Scleral lenses can be life-changing for patients with corneal diseases and dry eye.

Dry Eye

New technology emerges yearly to help treat dry eye disease.

Myopia Control

Myopia control therapy works by reducing the amount the eye grows. This can done either with specially designed glasses, contact lenses or atropine eye drops.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a carefully personalized program of vision procedures aimed at treating eye teaming problems, eye focusing disorders and eye tracking deficits.

children's Eye Exams

80% of learning is visual. 20% of learning disabilities are due to vision problems. Eye exams assure that your child has the visual skills to succeed.


The Canadian Association of Optometry recommends that to maintain optimal vision and eye health, adults between the ages of 20-64 require an eye exam at least every 2 years.

Contact lenses

Our optometrists have experience fitting soft, rigid and scleral contact lenses for patients of all ages, including children and infants. Our process is incredibly detailed and helps us find the best contact lenses to suit your visual and lifestyle needs.

Eye Glasses/ Sunglasses

See the world in style with prescription lenses and designer sunglasses 

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A BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Thakrar and her team at Vaughan Family Vision! I have been struggling with dry eye and they recommended Zienna prescription eye goggles and now i can read for longer periods of time with little to no dry eye discomfort. great work! Thank you for being there.

I have been seeing Dr Thakrar for almost 2 years now for severe dry eyes caused by GVHD. The service and professionalism are fabulous. Under Dr Thakrar’s care my severely dry eyes have improved tremendously. I was fitted with regular scleral lenses and there was an immediate very noticeable improvement. I was recently fitted with “EyePrint” scleral lenses and I am thoroughly happy with them. What I am mostly happy about is that Dr Thakrar goes above and beyond to ensure that my eyes are as comfortable as possible. I would recommend any patients with dry eyes to consult with Dr Thakrar.

I visited Dr.Thakrar’s office for the first time yesterday and was so impressed with the level of care, comfort and service. Her facilities and equipment are top of the line and more advanced than what you see at most offices. Dr Thakrar spent those few extra minutes to make sure I was comfortable with the information and treatment plan. Her team was super friendly and had big smiles on throughout the visit! I highly recommend this clinic!

Dr. Vishakha Thakrar at Vaughan Family Vision Care is the best --bar none --I was referred to Dr. Thakrar for contact lenses -- she recommended scleral lenses for my condition -- I am 60 yrs old and have been wearing glasses for 54 years and contacts for over 35 yrs.-- I have seen numerous specialists in 2 countries--I can honestly say Dr. Thakrar is the best of the best-- from all aspects of her whole practise and profession-- which of course includes her amazing staff. Thanks to her my vision is the best it has ever been -- did not think it was possible to achieve this level of acuity and comfort, Thank you and HIGHLY recommend Dr. Vishakha Thakrar.

I am so happy my brother introduced me to Dr. Thakrar at the Vaughan Vision Care. I was fitted for scleral lens and Dr. Thakrar did not stop until the best fit was found for me. Having had RK made it especially difficult. She went over and above in her efforts. A true caring professional. Her staff was always friendly and smiling. Thank you.

Dr. Thakrar is very knowledgeable and professional. She treated and cured my dry eye and I'm so happy to not have anymore discomfort or irritation. She is patient and kind with my two children and they always look forward to their annual check-ups. I have ordered many sunglasses and prescription glasses for myself and my family and have been very satisfied with the optical services the office provides.